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About the company


Our mission is to bring philosophy to the world

Kingdom of Thailand for gentle self care,

not entering into conflict with nature!


The company "Tai-Meko" has a rich, many years of experience (since 1957) in the production and promotion of professional cosmetic products for hair. We pay much attention to the production of natural, curative, professional hair cosmetics under the brand CRUSET. Our company produces high-quality professional hair cosmetics from luxurious ingredients. The assortment of the company is expanding every year. The pride and confirmation of the quality of products is the international international GMP certificate. Cosmetics for hair CRUSET has won love in more than 40 countries of the world: Nigeria, Benin, South Africa, Mali, Senegal, Guinea, Gambia, Saudi Arabia, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Madagascar, Australia, Fiji, Singapore, Malaysia , Vietnam, Russia, Algeria, Egypt, Germany, France, Turkey, Spain, Italy, geography is rapidly expanding. In 2017, Tai-Meko company opened a representative office in Russia, which has jurisdiction over the CIS countries and EURO zone.